[WEEK] The Knocks, Catching Flies, Raleigh Ritchie, Harts, bIackbear


 Artist : The Knocks, Catching Flies, Raleigh Ritchie, Harts, bIackbear

"WEEK 추천곡"  / '하은' 추천곡


예전에 좋아했던 노래들을 처음 들었을 때 기분이 생각나지 않는 것 같다.

물론 지금 들어도 좋긴 좋지만, 하여튼 요즘엔 주로 새로운 노래를 찾아듣는 중


The Knocks - Classic (Powers' Sunset Mix)

It was a summer time, that summer high

Oh what a masterpiece

The way your eyes met mine, sweet

Like apple pie, caught in your energy

The future came to me, I see


Yeah, it feels so classic

You and me, the magic

And I know we have it

'Cause it feels, yeah, it feels, yeah it feels so classic

'Cause it feels, yeah, it feels, yeah it feels so classic hmm


Come to me baby don't be shy

Don't be shy, don't be shy

Come to me baby, don't be shy

So classic hmm

Catching Flies - Quiet Nights

Raleigh Ritchie - Stronger Than Ever

Hate me when I'm gone, I'll make it worth your while when I'm successful

But when I'm here I need your kindness 'cause the climb is always stressful

Clumsily grasp myself by thinking I'll be better off alone

I'll leave my peace in pieces all around the decent people back at home


'Cause I'm a big boy, an adult now or nearly

If I pull the wool back from my eyes I can see clearly

The world is at my feet and I am standing on the ceiling

And I fall, fall, fall, when it all comes down

And I won't be crushed by the weight of this town

I fall from the sky but I won't fall forever

I fall but when I'll rise I'll be stronger than ever


Official man, delusions grand and now I'm a free agent

I'm here to make a stand for causes I don't understand and make a statement

I fall short on knowledge, I don't even watch the news

Can't be arsed with college, it's nothing but a human zoo

Harts - Lovers In Bloom

I wish I had the way to show you the pictures on my mind.

Dreams of you, constant and true, show that we have another life.

Would you believe if i should say, I've seen this world so identical.

But where the love is laid and the winds have changed,

And the two of us together as one.


I said,

(Ooh, ha) I want you to know baby,

(Ooh, ha) It's seven o'clock in the morning baby,

(Ooh, ha) I cant get you off of my mind,

(Ooh, ha) But i dont know if should say..


Is it naive that I'm trying to make you believe we're Lovers In Bloom?

bIackbear - runnin low

She said how can I love ya if youre runnin’ around?

How do I know that you don’t give your love to someone else?

How can I trust you when youre neva around?

How do we know if we can seem to work it out?

What is the worst that could happen?

What is so different today?

Oh girl what is the worst that could go down?

Constantly changing things around?

Breaking down every single noun that I say

Im about to pull this car to the side of the road

And let ya walk yo own ass home,

If you cant change yo tone, we’re gonna end up alone

I think its starting to show

Our love is running low

Luv is running low

Luv is runnin’ low